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I would like to welcome you to our website on chronic fatigue. The purpose of this website is to offer you information on the true underlying cause of fatigue and more importantly what can be done from a functional medicine and functional neurological standpoint.

Our health care system is a pharmaceutically driven system and offers very little in the way of chronic fatigue. Our approach is vastly different. Through comprehensive lab testing we can identify the true causes of fatigue and in almost all instances they can be corrected through lifestyle changes and proper use of nutraceuticals.

The one common symptom in all chronic illnesses is fatigue. There are usually multiple causes for each case and what may be causing fatigue in one person may be totally different in the next. So if you have been suffering from fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, achy joints, fibromyalgia, or any of the many chronic conditions I strongly encourage you to explore this website.

In particular watch my full length video available to you on this website. Also watch the video testimonials of real people, just like you, who have gotten their energy and lives back by following our methods.

You will learn on this video the necessary testing needed to sleuth out the true cause of your condition. You will learn why your doctor is telling you “your labs look fine” yet you feel lousy.

This video truly is for those who are “sick and tired” of being “sick and tired”.

Some of things I cover are:

  • Why you may have a thyroid problem even when you are told you don’t or you are on thyroid medication and still feel tired
  • Why inflammation is dragging you down and what causes it and what can be done
  • How important blood sugar regulation is
  • Adrenal problems and how to fix them
  • Food sensitivities, do you have them and how they cause fatigue
  • Importance of brain function when it comes to energy production
  • Are your mitochondria working and if not why not
  • What can be done
  • Do you have a hidden anemia
  • How your liver and gallbladder play a huge role in energy production
  • How hidden infections can deplete you of energy
  • Is your immune system operating ok
  • Do you suffer from an autoimmune disease

This and much more is on the full length video. Watch it and it could very well be the first step you take in getting your health back.