About Chronic Fatigue

Our “health care” model is based on a reactive model

With our traditional health care model w ususally wait for something to go wrong and then treat the symptoms with medications.  This model works with acute illness- it does  not work with chronic illness/pain. Traditional medicine looks at problems in a linear fashion- or one body part at a time. It does not treat the body as a whole system.

The truth is our body is an integrative organism- one system affects the other!

If you are tired there is not much that traditional medicine can do for you. You may have been sent for blood tests only to be told that every thing is “normal” and that maybe you are “depressed/anxious/going through a hard time/working too hard”.  Basically they are telling you “go home there is absolutely nothing we can do for you”.

That is not true. Chronic fatigue is a symptom of some underlying metabolic disturbance.

Top Metabolic Disturbances That Cause Chronic Fatigue

1.Poor gut function

2.Unstable Blood Sugar (dysglycemia)

3.Adrenal Dysfuntion

4.Thyroid Dysfunction


6.Chronic Inflammation

7.Autoimmune Condition

8.Poor Mitochondrial Function

9.Hormone Imbalance

To figure out what is going wrong first there needs to be proper testing. By “proper” testing I mean full complete lab testing and bloodwork based on functional ranges.

If you would like to know more about functional ranges, testing, and what can be done to restore your heatlh and vitality I urge you to attend a free workshop or watch my full length video!